RIM for more media play; New API with media support

It is good to hear that RIM finally realized Push-email ain’t enough to hold back consumers. Today RIM announced the launch of its additional API that will make it easier to develop media applications compatible with the new generation of Blackberries. Had this launch/announcement come after few more months, I am pretty definite RIM would have struggled to maintain its market share. Almost all the mobile startups that I talk to, none of them really care to support Blackberries for some reason or another. First and foremost – most of the mobile startups are based out of Europe where RIM doesn’t really have the kind of presence as in US. Second the lack of multimedia support totally kills the deal for most media sites looking to build mobile play. All this loss of developer effort has been a win for Nokia and Windows Mobile, even when Blackberries would have been the perfect target as 100% of them have a data plan and hence ready to make use of mobile apps.

Anyway, the new API will give allow developers to embed custom audio and video content into applications, invoke the camera application, support various audio formats, support XML and Web Services, allow access to presence and contact information, File System Access to provide access to documents and other files stored locally on the smartphone or on the microSD expansion memory, and more support for GPS, Maps, Wallpaper, Ringtone, and more.

I think with this release guys at Barablu, Fring, Truphone, Nimbuzz………should plan to support BBs ’cause BB users would never-never want to switch to WinMo or Symbian unless forced by RIM itself 🙂

RIM Press Release


One Response to “RIM for more media play; New API with media support”

  1. karen Says:

    My phone wont play when pictures are sent wit music it say no media
    Support can u help me

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