ZenZui – More widgets for your mobile

Microsoft spinoff ZenZui is going to be yet another startup with mobile widget plans. ZenZui, which has raised $12 million in Series A round of funding from SeaPoint Ventures and minority stake from Microsoft, was 3 years under development before being set on its own. As a consumer you will get a downloadable application that allows you to customize your handsets with “tiles”(yet another name for widgets)—clickable icons that can be used to access content or navigate to a mobile site.

From the initial previews the service seems to be highly focused on delivering more of the traffic, and travel data from the likes of Kayak.com and Traffic.com.  As always ZenZui does have plans for rolling out more than 1000 widgets by the year end, which will be highly dependent on the platform they will provide to external developers. Google, Yahoo, uLocate and Nokia have already been working in this direction although Yahoo’s platform is closed in nature.  

All this means is more apps enabling easier data access to users. What about the data plans to back these applications? The speed at which you can navigate the widgets shown by ZenZui in it’s video is great. But trying that in real life on Cingular or Verizon data networks is as painful as browsing internet on PC in 1995.


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    […] Mobio Networks will finally be launching its mobile lifestyle widgets/mashups next week. Mobio had demoed the apps earlier in the year at the DEMO conference and working towards public launch ever since. Mobio mashups fall under an entirely different mashup line as compared to what Widsets and uLocate are currently offering or Zenzui has plans to offer. Mobio would offer over 50 free applications and widgets on the mobile phone that can make you everyday life easier. Mobio’s promise is that you can search for events at Eventful, book a table using Opentable, check your flight status, and perform many more similar functions all from your mobile without typing almost anything. Looking at some demo runs, Mobio seems to deliver on that. Only problem for me is that they don’t support BB […]

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