CozmoTV widget to rattle them all

After going through number of product iterations CozmoTV has finally gone ahead with widget strategy, but one that will triumph all the existing media widgets. To start with CozmoTV widget does it all – lets you add shows to your own channel, add channels to your CozmoTV network, and then embed that network on any site.  Okay I know some startups already do this. Now the big difference – the widget features a set of channels that the widget owner designates, but a visitor to the widget can access all the other channels of the CozmoTV network through this same application. If you step back and analyze all the media platforms, you will realize that CozmoTV widget provides a functionality similar to set-top box for all Internet video and all channels. I think this is something really really cool. No longer you are limited to watching the same 5-10 crummy videos selected by someone. No need to browse 10 different sites or go looking out for more video players that have a different channel. CozmoTV will aggregate all the videos for you, users would create channels and add videos, and you would select and consume channel you want from anywhere anytime you feel like.  

Besides the launch of the widget coming up by the end of the week, CozmoTV will make it easier to navigate through the site with some Ajaxy controls cutting down on page loads.  CozmoTV will also make it easy for you to manage your channels and content within.

CozmoTV brings Youtube content search to TiVo


3 Responses to “CozmoTV widget to rattle them all”

  1. Alex Rowland Says:

    Hey Vivek, thanks for the coverage. We’re still ironing out some bugs, but we should have a new build up by the time we talk this afternoon. I look forward to it.

  2. Rick Garcia Says:

    I gotta say, the CozmoTV widget thing is pretty dang cool; I embeded a widget on my myspace page. The CozmoHub (where you store your information, add channels, make widgets, etc). is a little buggy, but I still managed (I know..BETA). I wonder if the widgets will be made available for wordpress blogs..

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » PikSpot launches media widget - rate+tag+comment from anywhere Says:

    […] In some ways the embed functionality is similar to what CozmoTV had launched earlier this year. […]

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