eBay to get cozy with Firefox

eBay is partnering with Mozilla to make online auction experience easier for people in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. That is interesting. But eBay with Firefox? And in just 3 countries? What could come out of such a partnership? eBay says the new technology would enable eBay users to stay up to date with their auctions more easily from within Firefox regardless of where they are on the Web. Whatever this is it will be launched in second quarter of 2007. Easy guess –  a browser extension that pulls in your account information shows it up on a toolbar? With no real mashups or widgets or Firefox extensions to talk about, eBay might think it is time to get into the game. Or maybe some kind of Skype hookup into the browser which has a strong presence in Europe. Or is there something major brewing up in Europe and eBay wants to counter that? Or Google Base is finally going to get consumer friendly and eBay got whiff of that news? Someone has answers?


2 Responses to “eBay to get cozy with Firefox”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » After Firefox, eBay onto Apollo Says:

    […] It was just couple of weeks back that I had written about eBay working on building a Firefox extension. And now WSJ is reporting that eBay developing an app that works on the top of Apollo that will let it’s users buy and sell items more efficiently. Besides this, the plugin will cache data from eBay onto user PC to reduce the number of server calls. […]

  2. Ana Says:

    I recently started using an eBay toolbar for Firefox that I found at http://myeBayFox.com

    It’s the coolest thing!

    Besides from the toolbar it blocks ads and includes a script in the toolbar that shows thumbnails for all searches. Everything looks a lot more organized and I can keep track of my auctions in an easier way. It definitely makes the eBay experience a better one!!

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