Put CSRs on back-foot with 321-CALL-LOG

321-CALL-LOG is a smart new service to save yourself from some of those customer service reps who can just plain deny what had happened during the call. Couple of year back when I moved my mobile service from T-Mobile to Verizon, T-Mobile had put a $200 charge on my account claiming that I had terminated my contract earlier than the actual date even when I was months over. My reply to the BS – nice try, show me the proof of such an extended contract. CSR had nothing at hand to prove his case. So he says – “we had a verbal contract”. OMFG can you believe that – a verbal contract. Who on USofA does verbal contracts and that also with mobile carriers. Anyway determined not to pay T-Mobile a dime for their flimsy claim I went through BetterBusinessBureau to get the charge removed, which took couple of months.

To avoid all the hassles like the one I had, you can be better off using 321-CALL-LOG. The way 321-CALL-LOG works is that instead of calling customer support directly, you call  321-CALL-LOG, authenticate yourself with the service, and than punch in the numbers of customer support. Once the call is connected, 321-CALL-LOG records your conversation. All these calls are than available anytime in case you need to file a complaint against a customer service experience. 321-CALL-LOG also has an email side to the tracking platform, which will make sure that all emails sent were stored and not modified in any manner. Besides both of these features, 321-CALL-LOG is working on generating a company index which might function more like a research tool.

I think if 321-CALL-LOG also adds support for voice-text conversion, it will make the service that much more useful. Currently 321calllog is under private beta testing, while they work out the finer details of the service. As for potential issues, someone had pointed out at Wesabe blog that the service will also record your personal and confidential information like SSN, credit numbers,….. that you typically need to disclose before starting a call. Any hacking of 321-CALL-LOG service can potentially affect lot of people. Again that is a possibility with every webservice that we use.




One Response to “Put CSRs on back-foot with 321-CALL-LOG”

  1. pradeep k. ivon Says:

    Dear Vivek,
    I am really impressed with the kind of services that are available where you live. However i am in India (Delhi) and i am surfing the net for some help for my solving of my query. Recently i have been excess charged by a mobile co. IDEA for a 163 mts call which i have not made but they are not listening and claim that their system gives billing based on usage only. How do i prove, i never made the call? what do you suggest? pls give some ideas.

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