StreetAdvisor: Finally someone gets local+housing reviews right

StreetAdvisor, the Australia based startup that launches at 9 AM today morning, seems all set to bring social networking and local reviews to the right place – your street. StreetAdvisor doesn’t want to go after the local business reviews that has burnt many startups before. Nor do they want to review individual houses. Instead they want to focus on people and the street they live in which is an area wide and interesting enough to write about.

StreetAdvisor platform will let users rate the streets they live or lived taking into account number of factors. This includes nightlife, shopping, facilities, Cost of living, resale/rental value, safety, appearance, and many more. On the whole a pretty comprehensive list that would deliver a well averaged rating for the street. Besides the rating part, users can communicate with their neighbors at “StreetBoard”, which is very much like a forum.  Users can join their street and start adding information about essential services, resources……. This would result in lot of valuable content can getting added over time that would help newer residents moving into your area. As you can expect from every new startup, StreetAdvisor has also integrated video capabilities so that users can load videos of their neighborhood.

StreetAdvisor is using Google Maps to provide the search capabilities which has some smart additions to it. Besides being able to  search at the street or city level, StreetAdvisor has also integrated some of its rating criteria into search, like “Neighborly Spirit” and “Public Transportation” to make criteria based searches easier. Users can also drag the onscreen sliders to get to reviewed streets faster where a small pop-up box will display the rating, and reviews for a particular street.

Looking at the bigger picture, I think it might be bit of a challenge to find the best place to live-in using StreetAdvisor when  you are moving to a new state. Since you are clueless to start with about how you want to put yourself wrt your work location, and other criteria, using regular StreetAdvisor might not help. Maybe StreetAdvisor with NLS or strong tag/category based filtering do the magic. Otherwise you should better know the city you want to move to and than start researching on StreetAdvisor.

Personally I am impressed by StreetAdvisor’s approach but would I myself add content at StreetAdvisor? Well, even though I hate contributing data to closed UGC sites, I think I would. StreetAdvisor in the longer run can impact the value of my house, comes for free to everyone, helpful to newcomers, and an important research platform for those planning to move in. That’s lot of people good from StreetAdvisor to compensate for the closed nature.



4 Responses to “StreetAdvisor: Finally someone gets local+housing reviews right”

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  2. Adam Spencer Says:

    Thanks for the good feedback Vivek, much appreciated.

    Over the past 2 months, while in private beta, our focus was getting the site ready for public use, putting the spit and polish on it so people can have fun using the site. From what people are saying, it looks like we have succeeded at this.

    Now that we have launched out of private beta, StreetAdvisor shifts gear and becomes 100% focused on people contributing their expert opinions and reviews (when I say expert, no one knows a street better than the people who live there). We plan on building up a large database of local relevant information so that in time, StreetAdvisor will become a great resource for people looking to move into an area.

    As you mentioned in your article, having NLS listings along with category based filtering will make StreetAdvisor a lot better. We plan to do these kinds of things and more over the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

    It%u2019s an immense task to get the information at the street level, but we feel definitely feel up to the challenge.

    Thanks again Vivek.

    Adam Spencer
    StreetAdvisor CEO

  3. Vivek Puri Says:

    NLS= Natural Language based Search šŸ˜‰

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