Breaking: Yandex acquires Russian professional networking site Moikrug

StartupSquad has learned from a recent tipoff that Yandex, the leading search engine in Russia with some 5m daily visitors, acquired Moikrug or MyCircle, the largest social networking site for Russian-speaking professionals in other words LinkedIn for Russia. The rumored acquisition price is up to US$ 5m including cash and Yandex stock options. Moikrug is said to have some 100k registered users. Yandex recently reported revenues of $ 72m in 2006 (of which 80% is from search ads).

The above acquisition seems to be in reaction to Xing’s recent acquisition of eConozco that I had written just couple of days back.


4 Responses to “Breaking: Yandex acquires Russian professional networking site Moikrug”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Consolidation in European Search space; Russians get Ukrainian search engine Says:

    […] META gets 1.5 million and 6 million searches every month. Meta had reported revenues of $1m in 2006, mostly from Internet advertising, and holds about 20% of Internet advertising market in Ukraine. Digital Sky and Russian Funds will invest additional $1 million into Meta to improve its search engine. Meta is said to be the only viable competitor to Yandex and Google in Ukraine. […]

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