Fring also dials SIP

Mobile VoIP startups are striking out one line item after another from their todo list to get onto as many handsets as possible. Couple of weeks back it was Barablu that had enabled support for IP phones. Now Fring users also have access to the same functionality and can get connected to their SIP accounts. And this is possible even from non-SIP enabled handsets. So off you go hooking up your Nokia with GizmoProject to call landlines, GSM, and SIP phones via Fring.


One Response to “Fring also dials SIP”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Fring now on The Cloud Says:

    […] After a long-long time under intensive development, parts of which we have covered extensively at StartupSquad, Fring is finally hitting the partnership path on the public side of things. Yesterday, Fring announced that is has got together with The Cloud to create a new service that will soon enable Nokia phone owners(starting with the N95) to automatically get recognized, logged in and registered on the Cloud networks. The Cloud is one of the largest wireless broadband networks in Europe with 8,500 hotspots and has already partnered with the likes of Skype, Truphone, iPass, Telenor, and few more. Similar deals with FON and would definitely put Fring in front of the user group it needs to be right now. […]

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