Yourminis API is live

Yourminis has finally gone live the launch of its API about which I had written earlier this month. You can get started quickly through the Developers tab at Once finished, developers will be able to promote their widgets onto “labs” area where Yourminis uses can try them out.

Yourminis also jumping onto the widget analytics scene by enabling developers to analyze usage. Metrics provided will be similar to what most of us have got used to now – number of impressions/views, comparison of new vs. return viewers, average number of views per viewer, number of views per domain and the number of views per country. Google had added support for widget analytics via Google Analytics sometime back, while widget syndication platforms Clearspring, Musestorm, and Widgetbox also have analytics support. Rest of the homepage services – Netvibes, Pageflakes, Protopage, and Webwag are missing out on the important functionality that developers very well need.

Yourminis API widget at Yourminis

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5 Responses to “Yourminis API is live”

  1. Jeremy Suriel Says:

    Hey, great write-up, and thanks for the support. We are very excited about the API and looking forward to more feedback from developers. The yourminis API also allows developers to leverage our Apollo integration allowing their widgets to run on the web as well as the desktop. We will also soon be releasing a way for users to easily publish their widgets to the popular social networing and blogging platforms. This functionality will automatically exist for any widget built with the yourminis API.

    thanks again for the support.

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Souki - Ajaxy Restaurant Reviews from DutchWonderland Says:

    […] Dutch startup Souki is taking the Ajax HomePage paradigm to restaurant reviews. All you have is a single page from where you can search, read, and review restaurants located in Netherlands. In effect Souki looks and feels pretty much like the Yourminis or Netvibes widgetboard. You can drag restaurant name into the review window that lets you get done with the reviews faster. One click brings up the location on a Google Map on the same page. Souki is also making great use of slider controls to quietly reload your screen. Actually the secret sauce at Souki is it’s Twin Taste Matching engine that makes a profile of you by analyzing your interaction with the site and in turn delivers personalized list of restaurants when you search next time. Hmm. That is pretty heavy language. I wonder what all metrics they look at to drive these recommendations. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Enterprise 2.0 - Old guard strikes back Says:

    […] Ensemble delivers functionality something like what Google Apps Start page users get - access control, single sign-on, and more of the corporate connectivity options. Besides that Ensemble will make sure that your widgets and in turn the content can be embedded into the existing web applications – very much like the existing widgets from Google or Yourminis that can traverse the homepage domain and get embedded almost anywhere. Ensemble even has the analytics part covered to track component/content usage. Pathways will enable the content to be extracted via pre–built connectors from Lotus Notes, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, file systems, Web servers, Documentum and more. Pathways would also provide support for tagging, bookmarking, increased search relevancy for documents and people. White papers and demos available at shed more light on where exactly the product is headed. Besides that has one of the finest enterprise blogs I have come across till now. Worth subscribing. […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » DreamFace-Interactive brings Widgets + Personalization to Enterprises Says:

    […] France based DreamFace-Interactive is jumping onto the widget bandwagon with a solid offering that takes aim at behind-the-firewall Enterprise space. DFI is founded by Olivier Poupeney, who had previously worked for software development companies including Sybase and Ecensity Corp. With strong background in design and development of enterprise softwares and consumer personalized space getting frothy from the strong presence of likes of Google, Yourminis, Netvibes, Pageflakes…., Olivier figured out it was always a better plan to move over the enterprise space. So here we have Olivier ready with his DFI Framework to demo at Web20 Expo. […]

  5. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » SageBull gets finance widgets Says:

    […] Not sure if we needed it, but financial webtop SaneBull has got some new finance widgets. If you haven’t used SaneBull, it is a iGoogle/Yourminis like personalized page built on Ajax based frameworks (prototype, prototype windows, effects & builder), and is powered by Java (server-side). […]

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