Get your coach at ActiveVibe


Another networking startup with a twist, ActiveVibe wants to bring together coaches and rest of us. ActiveVibe, which is under private beta, is aiming to get certified and licensed professionals onboard where they can be reached by the community. Calendar and client management systems are part of the play that can make life easier for coaches. As for users, we will be able to search for coaches from over 28 different sport categories. From there on you can contact the coach and move forward.

The idea is definitely interesting as compared to all the sports related networking sites launched till now that bring together the players but can soon hit the wall when the same users can’t see the path ahead. Making a clear distinction between who is who would drive more users to ActiveVibe. Still just like any other networking startup, ActiveVibe will have to play the balancing game of getting enough coaches and players onboard. Tying up with few select schools to start with might be the strategy for ActiveVibe.



One Response to “Get your coach at ActiveVibe”

  1. Phil Butler Says:

    Great article! I am wondering if we will not see more “specialized” networking sites across the Web. It seems kind of likely, given the venues that are available for startup. This may be particularly true once the “shine” wears off the mega-popular sites. I think people will migrate to selective sites to enhance their Web experience.


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