iUpload – more money for wiki solutions

Collaboration is the name of the game thesedays and as a result we have just too many startups doing that. Wetpaint, pbWiki, Confluence, CentralDesktop, MindTouch, SocialText, Google, Blogtronix, Clearspace, Serebrum, Intel Suite Two, Near-Time ………And now another well funded startup to compete with for everyone – iUpload. According to PEHub, iUpload has raised $7 million in it’s Series A round of funding from Greylock Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners. iUpload service gets you Wikis, Discussions forums, blogs, forms, ACL, workflows, API….. iUpload seems to be strong in sales, which can win the game in this scenario. Besides the above, Microsoft bundling Wiki+Forum+Workflows+IM with Sharepoint can make life difficult for everyone.



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  1. ThomasPurves.com » Enterprise 2.0 Conf and Camp Update Says:

    […] Things are coming together for the event on the 29th. I’m happy to announce a great looking lineup. We’ve added John Bruce who’s Enterprise Social Media Company iUpload recently raised 7M in VC funding. John will be providing a real world perspective from their experience deploying Enterprise 2.0 to major organizations (iUpload’s client list includes firms from McDonalds to Deloitte to the New York Times) […]

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