Jangl on Tagged, Six Apart soon

Jangl is on the roll. The anonymous calling service provider that had launched an upgraded widget couple of days back is now partnering with one of the bigger social networking sites Tagged.com and also with blogging tools provider Six Apart. Both the partnerships are supposed to go live with 2-4 weeks timeframe. What this means to users is the ability to easily embed Jangl widget onto their profile page at Tagged or on their blog at Vox/LiveJournal/.. Jangl had already done the big partnership with Match.com, which was right around the time it received $7 million in Series B round of funding.

One thing that I missed the other day while reviewing the new widget was that signing up for he Jangl service doesn’t result in another voicemail box for you to check, which is the case with Jaxtr Okay even Jaxtr has that set to optional. Guess i never saw that. Anyway, in case you don’t choose to take the call, the calling party can leave a message that ends up on your regular voicemail box. To complete the privacy loop, all the while your personal greeting is never delivered to the caller. Personally I just hate checking another mailbox or voicemail, and this feature from Jangl doesn’t want me do that either. In fact Jangl with voice-text widget from Callwave is the best widget-based calling combination you can get. I am already done with the change! Check StartupSquad.com right column for the widget.



6 Responses to “Jangl on Tagged, Six Apart soon”

  1. Touraj Parang Says:

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to clarify one thing for you: Jaxtr’s voicemail is an OPTIONAL feature. If a user wants all their calls to ring their phone and go to their phone’s voicemail, they can easily do that with jaxtr as well. Our web-based voicemail is just one of the many additional optional features jaxtr provides over others in this space.

    Would appreciate it if you would make the correction or post this comment.

    Touraj Parang
    Co-founder & COO
    jaxtr, Inc.

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Jangl’s widget on Tagged goes live Says:

    […] As I had written last month, Jangl’s calling and texting widget has gone live on one of the bigger social networking sites, Tagged. With this widget Tagged members can talk and text without the need of exchanging phone numbers or any other personal contact information. The service, which comes for free to Tagged users, will include features like call screening and caller blocking. Tags: […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Jangl goes live on TypePad Says:

    […] If haven’t tried out Jangl you might in fact find is useful under certain circumstances as the service generates a private phone number for any audience member to call, without anyone’s true phone number being revealed. You can check my previous coverage on Jangl by clicking here. Tags: […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Jangl in the email; Has 500K users Says:

    […] If you have been following Jangl’s product path coverage at StartupSquad, their strategy is one of the best out there. They had started off with an partnership with Match.com, and followed up with couple of more bigger ones with Tagged and SixApart. All along users have been enabled to grab the widget from the website itself. The new feature today would get it far more traction since it puts Jangl right into the most used collaboration platform. In my talk with Jangl team earlier today, the mentioned that Jangl has already crossed the 500K active registered userbase mark, which happened couple of weeks back. Major push in those numbers came from the recent partnerships. […]

  5. catherinekeith Says:

    Hi their tagged

  6. Monesia Says:

    Hi friend

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