Snaptell – Comparison shopping goes mobile


I never love the last minute doubt about whether I got the right deal on my gadget or not. Well, Palo Alto, CA based Snaptell is going to get rid of this hitch with its new mobile based comparisons shopping service. All you need to do is take a picture of the product label and send it to Snaptell to get more pricing options via SMS message. Not an entirely original idea but definitely smarter one as compared to 4Info price check that can sometimes take 2 rounds trips to get the product pricing. To me it seems more like a mashup of QuipIt/ScanR and 4Info. Anyway, if you don’t have camera phone, you would be able to go the 4Info route, which is texting, to get the price.

Snaptell promises data from major internet retailers – and Amazon. Not the most price competitive sites to get quotes from, but still way better than BestBuy. To start with, Snaptell service will work with Verizon, Sprint, and Cingular cameraphones(2MP+) including the likes of SCH-A970, SCH-A990, XV6700, 8525, and more. What all can you get quotes for? Consumer electronics, software, computer equipment, kitchen products, and home and garden products. Would be worth trying out Snaptell for sure as it goes into public beta.



3 Responses to “Snaptell – Comparison shopping goes mobile”

  1. Jacob Levy Says:

    I thought Amazon already had this service? You call an 800 number and enter the bar code numbers and it gives you prices on Amazon and even competitors.

  2. Vivek Puri Says:

    I think they might try to be Pricewatch on mobile instead of just Amazon.

  3. Krish Says:

    I think it is the next big thing on shopping comparison if it clicks well.

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