Callwave and dirty secret of missed calls

I had been planning a rant on the hopeless quality of voice networks in US, but Om Malik got to that in a good way. Personally paying more than $2160($90*24months) since I moved to my new place and being able to talk for less than 500 minutes from here all along can’t make me more mad. Still one thing Om didn’t write about are the “missed calls” that showup on your phone. Now I am not talking about missed calls when we don’t pick up the phone. It’s about those phone calls that never reach your phone. Those for which the phone never rings. Personally I have come across situations when the person you are calling is standing next to you but his phone never chimes. If it’s your wife you can easily get out of trouble by showing her the call log. But what will a caller located 3000 miles away think about you?

Just like everyone I am also a victim of this arrangement between mobile carriers that makes your calls end up on a server somewhere instead of your phone. Now advantage in blogging about technology and new products is that you get to play with each of them and eventually find some of them really useful. So few weeks back I started using Callwave to handle my voicemail service that delivers all my voicemails to me via email and a Yahoo widget. Besides the voicemail piece, Callwave also catches your missed calls. This is where the magic happened with me few days back. Callwave not only catches the missed calls for the people you ignored but also those calls for which your phone never rings. Since I use Blackberry and get my emails pushed to my mobile, suddenly I found myself getting emailed about few missed calls. I looked at my call log and there was no trace of those calls. You can very well guess what was happening out there. These are calls that were supposed to reach my phone, but get routed midway to a Cingular server. Strange but true.

So, now I longer miss my calls. As soon as the call is missed, I just open my email to highlight the phone number, and click connect to start talking. But this does speaks loudly about the pathetic voice networks in US.

Callwave gets all widgety


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