Google wants DoubleClick too

Google can’t seem to get enough of advertising. Reportedly the search/advertising leader has also joined the bidding race for DoubleClick, alongside Microsoft. Asking price being talked about is more than $2 billion.

Yahoo and Time Warner are couple of others looking into the deal, but the high price tag might be a big factor for each of them. This holds true especially true for Yahoo that has been making all kinds of small deals for a long time now including the $45 million investment in RightMedia for 20% stake last year, while talking with Facebook for possible a $1 billion+ acquisition for ever. On the other hand AOL is one of the biggest customer for DoubleClick that makes it an interested party.

For more than anything else, DoubleClick would be acquired for it’s customers. Aside from AOL, DoubleClick’s customer list includes MySpace, and


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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Google Doubleclicks worth $3.1 billion Says:

    […] Google’s magic run in the advertising domain just keeps going on. Now the advertising(+search) giant has agreed to acquire DoubleClick for $3.1 billion in cash. Google had reportedly been in talks to acquire to DoubleClick. Well the $11 billion cash stockpile has suddenly got small. As for the present returns in advertising at Google, we will know on April 19th. For more on what DoubleClick’s was planning for future, check out this article in BusinessWeek. Tags: […]

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