MyGADs – Smart idea; Need a better use-case, which was launched last week, is smart application that helps you store and query those small nifty everyday details quickly that otherwise tend to get lost. Consider you want to save birthdate of your friend Jason. You just enter the following in MyGADs query+statement box – “Jason’s birthday is 01/01/1975” and the app save the information to your GAD. Anytime after that you want to recover Jason’s birthday again, just query – “Jason’ birthday” and out comes the reply “01/01/1975”. Neat idea! Somewhat like Stikkit, still unique. You can extend MyGADs to save phone numbers, number plates, and more of the related. Best part about the service is that you can add and access your information from web, mobile, and Google Talk. The IM integration with GTalk is much like few IM bot based apps we have already covered, while the mobile piece works via SMS. Sharing and editing of GADs comes part of the package. You can either create password-protected GADs, or GADs for for your groups, or public GADs.

MyGADs has provided few pre-builts apps that take advantage of GAD querying, which includes Calendar, Notes, and Contact Manager. Notes aside, I find it difficult to justify using Calendar and Contact Manager at MyGADs. When the whole mobile and web space is moving towards unification of your contact and calendar apps, I don’t think we need another of these to add to the conundrum. Removing those from the list, you are left with an app with a very week use-case. Birthdays and license plate numbers are all fine, but how many times do we really add/save such information. I think I am still searching for better ideas around MyGADs.



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