Would you really use Widsets?

Today I finally got around trying Widsets on my Blackberry. New features released today do help a bit, but on the whole I think Widsets is far from being a part of my mobile that right now includes Google Apps mail, Google Search, and Google Talk. The interface, widgets, sharing options from Widsets are great, but nothing in app forces me to reopen and load the app. In the race to support a wider range of devices, Widsets team didn’t go in for detailed level of device support which you might expect from an application that is supposed to load by default on your device. So anytime you bring up Widsets, you have the fat application taking time to load, get connected, and than show your widgets. Even when you are inside it can prove to be quite a task to find and add the right widget for your needs ’cause of not so great trackwheel-click mapping. Okay I know they have the web interface to things, but again are we not tired of managing our mobile from web?

Widgets touted about at Widsets includes – Gmail, Flickr, BBC News, Technorati Tag, Wikipedia, Weather, Traffic, Widgets Blog, Widsets Press(not sure why they want to promote they blog’s widget). Nothing in there you can’t live without. RSS feeds? Well you can use Newsgator Mobile or Google Reader which would integrate better with your RSS reading habits instead of having another app to manage the same. Also once mobiles get location aware, Weather and Traffic widgets would quietly vanish from the scene ’cause they become integral part of the device itself. Weather shows up next to date-time, while click and drop-down shows traffic.

In my opinion any widget app that doesn’t have a robust set to services to backup the offering, like Gmail and Yahoo Mail, would be a tough sell.

So much for Widsets.

ZenZui – More widgets for your mobile



2 Responses to “Would you really use Widsets?”

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    […] Recollecting, it was only yesterday that I wrote about the need for widget enabled services to develop productivity apps instead of relying in 3rd party apps to be integrated into their ecosystem. And now we already have Peepel delivering on that need, starting from document and spreadsheet editing with plans to get more onto your workspace. I think with this launch I would have to re-evaluate my Homepage Service provider and collaboration apps pretty soon. […]

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    […] Mobio Networks will finally be launching its mobile lifestyle widgets/mashups next week. Mobio had demoed the apps earlier in the year at the DEMO conference and working towards public launch ever since. Mobio mashups fall under an entirely different mashup line as compared to what Widsets and uLocate are currently offering or Zenzui has plans to offer. Mobio would offer over 50 free applications and widgets on the mobile phone that can make you everyday life easier. Mobio’s promise is that you can search for events at Eventful, book a table using Opentable, check your flight status, and perform many more similar functions all from your mobile without typing almost anything. Looking at some demo runs, Mobio seems to deliver on that. Only problem for me is that they don’t support BB […]

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