Eyeka – Photo and Video Marketplace in making

France based Eyeka is building up nicely to as a photo and video marketplace. Making all media types available at the same platform is something that number of widget providers have been trying to do and it was about time for the concept to spread existing markets. If you checkout the background of Eyeka’s founders, you can very well judge the direction they are going to take. Eyeka was founded last year by Gilles Babinet and Franck Perrier. Gilles Babinet had previously founded 2 companies including Absolut and Musiwave, while Franck Perrier was the former CEO of Corbis, which along with Getty is supposed to be the biggie in microstock photography. Franck was also the CEO of the photographic archive agency Roger-Viollet. As for funding, Eyeka has raised 4 million euros in funding from DN Capital and Ventech.

As an artist or content creator you can upload original work at Eyeka. Eyeka provides number of tools to manage and promoting your media. You can upload content via web or mobile. Eyeka’s Java app lets you upload video and photo upload from your mobile itself. As a user you would still have to use the WAP browser to watch videos. Just like any stock photography site, Eyeka will than organize your work by theme, and redistribute it to professional buyers such as magazines, TV channels, publishers, websites and blogs. Eyeka has established a rating system so that you high quality content gets more visibility. Eyeka rating rating algorithm takes into account evaluations of your peers, the opinions of the Eyeka editorial team and the views of their partners.

Addition of video and strong mobile play sets Eyeka apart from the existing players. Still these are early days for establishing a video market place, which can in some respect work well with SpotRunner and likes. Also Scanscout like ability to search for videos besides depending on the media metadata would be the key.



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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Shozam: build+upload your media gallery in a jiffy Says:

    […] Shozam might work out very well with advanced or professional users who want to go beyond just photos. Getting users to download and buy the software would still be a challenge. Eyeka which launched earlier this month is another service which combines photos and videos sales buy in the stock photography area. […]

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