Mozilla’s new big plan: Social Network in the browser

Mozilla team is working on a new project that would add social networking tools right into the Firefox browser. The project named “The Coop” would make it easy for you to hookup with your friends, follow their activity. Coop currently integrates with Facebook to pull your friends lists in the sidebar, and enables you to send links by dragging and dropping them onto your friend, and see the links your friends send you. Future direction of Coop would be to get integrated with the webservices provided by most used social applications including Flickr, Youtube, blogs, and more to appeal to a broader userbase.

Do you think Coop would be the perfect social networking aggregator we have been waiting for? I think it has the potential to be while delivering just the right kind of convenience you might expect from such a product. Besides that Always On type of social and collaboration services getting data feeds from all my social apps is something I really want to get my hands on.

Coop is currently available in the Mozilla Addons Sandbox. To access that you would have to change your Mozilla account preferences to be able to browse sandbox extensions.

The Coop

Snapshots from Mozilla Labs


4 Responses to “Mozilla’s new big plan: Social Network in the browser”

  1. Frederik Says:


    your links say “Add-on not found!” and also their Add-on search doesn’t provide any results, where can I change the preferences?

    Best, Frederik

  2. Vivek Puri Says:

    you need to register at the Mozilla site, login, and than check the option in your profile to be able to search addons in sandbox.

  3. Vinod Ponmanadiyil Says:

    Vivek, I have an account in mozilla extensions and mozilla wiki, yet not able to locate the socialproject – coop.
    Can you help?

  4. Vivek Puri Says:

    Vinod, Follow the snapshots i uploaded on Flickr:

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