Ricall gets to license BMG catalog to game makers……

Ricall has signed the music industry biggie Sony BMG for its music search and licensing platform. The deal, which would officially be announced today, would bring in more than 1 million tracks which includes artists of the likes of Christina Aguilera and the Zutons. Sony will be paying a commission to Ricall for finding new companies/users looking to use it’s track.

Ricall’s plan all along has been to facilitate music licensing where it will handle the middle layer for music search, and subsequent contract initiation, negotiation, and pricing of music files. Typical clients would include advertisers, video game makers,…. Ricall has been pushing heavily on its music search engine that can let you easily discover tracks of same style, tempo and other attributes so that you can license music from lesser know artists to cut down on costs. The 8 year old startup had raised undisclosed amount of funding from Benchmark Capital Europe in 2006.

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One Response to “Ricall gets to license BMG catalog to game makers……”

  1. christina aguilera baby Updated News Says:

    I believe this whole album is a tribute to Madonna, actually she copy the sound and style of Madonna in making a music. The content of the lyrics is about the life of Madonna and her attitude. I have bought the album and in the cover and picture in it it is clearly seen that even in her photo she copy Madonna. It can be proven in some lyrics of her song , in the last track vanity she called Madonna her queen. That is a direct reference to Madonna remember their performance in 2003 VMA where the theme is wedding it will sound a piano wedding sound in the vanity a direct reference to their unity with Madonna. – Latest News

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