Seco+Backup your data to S3

More and more startups are banking on Amazon S3 to build their data backup products. SecoBackup is yet another in line. Launched last week, SecoBackup performs continuous Real Time Up-To-The-Minute Backup of you data to Amazon S3.

As compared to existing storage solutions, advantage offered by SecoBackup is that you can access your files from anywhere using just the browser. Just set the service to start backing up your “My Documents” or Music files and it automatically starts working in the background without need any prompts from your end. Besides this, SecoBackup comes with the standard uptime and security features ’cause it is built on S3.

From the UI perspective, SecoBackup needs some work especially in regards to the use of red colors. Still you won’t really get bothered about that ’cause once you setup the service, you are not coming back unless your machine crashes 😦

SecoBackup is also working on a similar solution targeting SMBs who don’t really want to get bogged down with the data backup details and instead focus on actual business issues.

One thing I am sure about is the sharing and utilization of system resources by Secobackup. Is the product smart enough to slow down while machine is being actively used or shut itself down when battery goes low? This area is something that ElephantDrive has been working on and can prove to be very useful to users. I would get confirmation on this from Secobackup team.Other startups using S3 at their backend includes zBox, and JungleDisk.

Update: Okay, got updates from Ajoy at SecoBackup in regards to my performance and resource consumption related questions. According to Ajoy, SecoBackup will automatically slow down when there is user activity on the system. SecoBackup also does not perform full disk scans, which means that there are no planned peak loads on PC like other traditional schedule driven backups.


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