WiFiMobile – another mobile calling over WiFi enabler


Couldn’t have come up with a simpler name for a mobile wifi calling service: WiFiMobile. Not much of a secret out there as to what the service does. Right now LA based WiFiMobile is operating more at the Nokia device level providing the automation around it’s SIP and WiFi enabled handsets. With quite a few startups and mobile carriers competing in the same space I think any upstart would find it difficult to get the traction with users unless they come out with broader device support. Rebtel will be yet another startup trying to steal few users pretty soon. Still everyone has time to buildup at least for the US market before WiFi enabled devices get into more hands.



2 Responses to “WiFiMobile – another mobile calling over WiFi enabler”

  1. Souheil Says:

    Until WiFi coverage and WiFi devices are truly available for the masses, users will need to leverage the device they have in their hands. To your point, most providers will need broader device support to get any traction.

    Rebtel (www.rebtel.com) is changing the way we make traditional international calls by bringing the power of the internet to the mobile phone. That means getting rid of high rates for international calls. All this on any mobile phone, any network, with no downloads or headsets. Rebtel’s scope is global and they are certified in 38 countries with a reach to 1.3Billion people.

  2. Azer Says:

    I have also seen this offering – cleaver use of existing internet technology. One of the better features is you dont need to download any apps/plugins…
    More power to Rebtel (www.rebtel.com/free1)

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