Google Search History stops working!

Couple of moths back I had written about Google Search History and how you can be better off without using it. As always Google teams are watching the blogosphere and move quickly on any user suggestions/complaints. Since my writing that post, Google now requires you to login to you account again if you want to view your search history. Again, this is in case of a computer your using for the first time. From there on, if you want, Google can remember your login credentials.

Personally I just want to stay away from Search History altogether and had paused the option couple of weeks back that lets Google collect my search history. This piece works perfectly if I try viewing my search history from Google Search History Page. However as it seems right now, Google hasn’t really stopped collecting/showing the search history data. If I search for a keyword, whose results include sites that I have previously browsed, Google Search results still show the last time I visited the site. And the worst part is that anyone using my machine can see that in my search results even when the option is switched off. Besides that in case I forget to logoff from my Google account from someone elses machine, he/she can still bypass the security feature added above and see the sites I have visited recently, although only when he/she knows the keywords I search for.

Now we know that Google is always and would always be collecting and storing the browsing data while also taking steps to prevent misuse of this data. But this is a glaring privacy bug that should be taken care of. The whole point of getting out of the service is lost if those browsing history dates still show up in the results.

oooooo. Ionut got me on that. Never mind. My bad. Title also corrected. Guess too much blogging is not good for health 😉
Google Search history can get you in a spot


One Response to “Google Search History stops working!”

  1. Ionut Says:

    That’s the date when Google crawled the page. It has nothing to do with your search history and you’ll see it if you log off.

    Here’s a screenshot that shows the date when you last visited a page:

    Can you spot the difference?

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