Google WebOptimizer open to all

Just in case you were left out of the Google Website Optimizer beta launched last year, Google today announced that it everyone is open to signup and use the site optimization product. The multivariate testing application from Google helps site owners and online marketers increase their visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction by testing different combinations of site content positioning. Website Optimizer also hooks up with Adwords and Analytics accounts to provide easier access to click and conversion tracking.

This tool might not be the right fit for most of the small sites ’cause of the learning curve and returns that they would eventually get. Neither would bigger publishers be looking at it atleast for now ’cause of the limited first release functionality. Rest of the guys in between who don’t want pay thousands of dollars in licensing and maintenance costs can happily go along with Website Optimizer. If you find yourself lost or for better design of your tests, Google is featuring few partners where you would eventually have to pay.

Google Website Optimizer

Google Optimizer

Snapshot from Google WebOptimizer site


One Response to “Google WebOptimizer open to all”

  1. Mobile Website Designing Says:

    I just got a new client the other day by walking inside their pizza joint and showing them how their website looked on my Blackberry. I came back the next day with an example of what it could look like. Sold!

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