Hotpads gets funds to stay warm

I had discovered Hotpads only last year even though the startup has been around since late 2005. Simply put Hotpads is rental property search engine with a heavy focus on map mashup. In other words, a sophisticated doing just the rental property side of things. Only part that was not clear till now was –  How is the 7 person team is managing it’s finances? Well that part is a mystery no more. According to PEHub, Hotpads has raised $2.3 million in Series A funding.

If you are looking to send in mass listings to Hotpads, try vFlyer, which can push big-feed data into the rental marketplace.



2 Responses to “Hotpads gets funds to stay warm”

  1. Dave Dugdale Says:

    My question is how are they going to repay the investors when they offer it for free. Do you know?

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » HotPads onto graduating to the big real-estate league Says:

    […] Related:HotPads gets funds to stay warmTrulia gets Q&A + property notifications […]

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