SharedBook – feed UGC to get printed books

While Google pushes for digitization of books, SharedBook offers its Reverse Publishing Platform that helps you create books from digital part of you. In fact the idea works great if you are looking to create books from your photographs and blog posts. SharedBook is now going to take this platform  further on April 5th when it launches its API that will enable any third party – business or consumer – to integrate data into SharedBook’s Reverse Publishing Platform for on-demand output. With just one-click, SharedBook’s collaborative on-demand platform would map multiple streams of data into a structured book product that can be purchased as is, or personalized further. All this comes for around $29.95.

SharedBook is already partnering with and illustrating how the platform works. In either case users have the ability to output their user-generated content – guest book entries, message board comments and family photographs – in book format. Users can then review the book and purchase the product, or edit the content and add to it. They can also invite their family and friends to share in the book making experience.

Picaboo and Blurb are couple of other startups providing similar products.



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