WebDialogs puts VideoCasting inside Online conferencing

Upgrade season seems to be around in the Web20 world. WebDialogs has announced that it will be adding significant new features to one of its core conferencing products Unyte Meeting as part of Spring ’07 edition. In case you haven’t used Unyte Meeting, the web-based conferencing application delivers voice, video and web functionality in one tool.

The interesting part of the upgrade is addition of VideoCasting capabilities. Much like other web video apps like Eyejot that can start streaming you video on the click of a button, Unyte also delivers your video into the conference widow with the need to install a new client. Sounds like a nice idea to me ’cause participants don’t need to pull in other apps to do the same, which never works in the reality. Besides the video part, Unyte now sports a new user interface, an upgraded audiocasting function that consumes less bandwidth, and an expanded presentation-recording capability.

FYI, Unyte Meeting is not free unlike the Unyte Lyte integration with Skype. Once you signup for the beta, It’s free for up to 1,500 minutes or until April 25—whichever comes first.

Below is snapshot for session inside Unyte. No live camera in the image since I haven’t been able to get around buying one. Still you get the idea.

WebDialogs Beta


2 Responses to “WebDialogs puts VideoCasting inside Online conferencing”

  1. Video Conferencing Consultant Says:

    Very impressive feature to be added to the Unyte service. Also, I did not know it was free until April 25, will have to take a closer look.


  2. Jeraldine Vazquez Says:

    Wo Google mich den ganzen Tag hinfuehrt 🙂 Gute Seite, ich werde nochmals kommen.

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