WriteMaps creates Sitemaps on web

WriteMaps has no plans to solve all the online collaboration problems and deliver one in all solution. Instead it does a small part just right – Sitemaps. So next time you hurriedly start drawing out those initial sitemaps for your new venture, bring up WriteMaps in your browser to get going quickly. UI is pretty straightforward to use with only the most basic of options being available. WriteMaps autosaves your data to the server, while Map and Outline view aid in quick editing for the map.

What WriteMaps misses out on is drag-drop support and ability to undo your actions. Once an object is gone it is really gone. However Scott at WriteMaps is working on the undo functionality which should be out pretty soon.

My question is, will you really remember the name WriteMaps when the day comes to use the app. I might not. Maybe, getting the WriteMaps widget out to Google Personalized Page, Yourmins, Netvibes can give it a better visibility.

Gliffy is another tool you can use, but might be an overkill for sitemaps.



One Response to “WriteMaps creates Sitemaps on web”

  1. WriteMaps Says:

    Thanks for the review!
    Just to update your article, WriteMaps just released a new version with undo/redo along with a bunch of other features. Thanks again.

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