in the sidebar; Becomes usable again

The number of useful sidebar and toolbars coming out is just exploding like anything. Some of the better ones already out there  – GoogleToolbar, and AdaptiveBlue, and another 2 recent releases – Mozilla Coop and Google Talk. All of them already all over my browser and under heavy use. And now wants to move in quickly before it runs out of space. Smart idea. today launched upgraded version of its Firefox extension that now pulls your Bookmarks into a sidebar. The new extension comes with all the basic features of web part of – ability to sort and search bookmarks instantly, view tag intersections, and modify your bookmarks. Even Cltr+B key combination gets mapped to bring up toolbar. 

I am guilty of moving over to Google Bookmarks few months back ’cause of unbearable slow response times from server. But this extension has got me thinking to move back onto good old

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5 Responses to “ in the sidebar; Becomes usable again”

  1. Jacob Levy Says:

    I’m surprised Google Toolbar and Google Talk are not better integrated… seems so obvious…

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Yoono launches “Buzz It” ; Makes media sharing easier Says:

    […] Yoono, the social recommendation engine, today launched a new feature “Buzz It” that gives another reason to get the extension on your browser. Yoono “Buzz It” combines the ability to search, research, annotate, and share content from webpages with just few clicks. In some ways the “Buzz It” functionality is similar to toolbar and Grouptivity’s ability to fetch images/video and text from a webpage. In “Buzz It” case, it operates via a browser applet that allows people to clip interesting text, links, images, and video and capture personal notes while surfing, as it relates to their areas of interest. As you keep on collecting notes related to different topics, ”Buzz It” adds a new button in the toolbar for each of them. So anytime you want to add more notes to a particular topic, you just come back and hit the related toolbar button. In other words, Yoono puts your “tags” in the toolbar. Haven’t seen anyone doing that. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » SecondBrain: CMS for the ordinary Says:

    […] Well, SecondBrain is working since last year to tackle just this issue that will make your media management lot easier. SecondBrain(S|B), which is in private beta as of now, is taking the concept of content management system and applying it to all the online apps and social media sites we use. S|B is working on set of services that can access your online information from likes of Flickr, Youtube,, GoogleD&S, Picasa, and Bluedot with more services under works. In other words lot of work against APIs of external services to get your content into one place. And if you need to add more stuff to your library from your PC, S|B always has the regular upload option. Once you have all your stuff up there, you can arrange them neatly in your Library, create collections, and eventually share them with your friends online. […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Mister Wong comes to America Says:

    […] “Mister Wong” has bunch of features to show off including ability to make you bookmarks private, create groups, build your social network, buddymatch your bookmarks, private messaging, search engine that supposedly delivers highly relevant results, and to effectively compete with – a Mister Wong toolbar. […]

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