Google Maps Mashups now for everyone

Google knows that it really has to push the Google Maps platform to maintain the lead in the space it turned upside down more than two years back. Google’s launch of a new service named MyMaps just confirms that part. MyMaps enables novice users annotate and mark locations on Google Maps using notes, their video and their photos, and then share them with friends or public. For comparison purposes MyMaps would be more of a mashup board that lot of other startups like Geojoey(actually Geojoey offers much more than just annotation) and Platial have been offering for sometime now. This new release of Google Maps also integrated with Google Earth, where you can grab the KML of the custom map. After trying out the service for few minutes now, i think the feature set is good enough to start with, but the app on the whole misses out on the social sharing side of things. Public user-created maps might showup in the search results, but giving MyMaps its own homepage for everyone to view and discuss about might be the right thing to do. Also your maps in MyMaps are pretty much stuck out there that can be shared only via the emailing the URL. I think being able to widgetize and embed the maps would take them to more places.

Launch of MyMaps from Google pretty much signifies the potential threat any startup can face when building a product on top a 3rd party API. If you are able to build fast enough and scale in terms of userbase, you might escape from getting trampled. Otherwise building on top of a larger set of 3rd Party APIs might be better option, since all of them can’t really get together and come after your idea. Anyway Google is not really going for just the smaller players. The rapid enhancements being introduced by Microsoft/LiveMaps, and Yahoo Maps is forcing Google innovate faster.’s dedicated server had been down for the past couple of hours. Hence the delay in posting

Google MyMaps


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    […] Google Docs&Spreadsheets aside, I think there is a serious need for WAP version of Google Calendar. I am okay with the app showing only my daily and weekly agenda. This option would be much better than working with half-baked mobile calendar apps. In my PoV, such functionality although is not difficult to implement, might not interest external developers since Google is finally going to get to that anyway just like as they did with the launch of MyMaps. Tags: […]

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    […] Useamap offers yet another small piece of functionality that can make you life tiny bit easier. Instead of sending in the extra longish map permalink from Google Maps, you can now use Useamap to give your location a name. Just click on your desired location on the map and assign the location a name like – MyHome to get your easy to remember and share URL – Cool! Of course if MyHome is already taken, you need to look for alternative name. Useamap does few more things than just click and save. You can add detailed driving direction, embed the map on your blog, enable commenting on your maps, and search for maps created by users with a particular description that gets more onto the social side of things. Now let’s see how long it takes for Google to get the feature in their repository. […]

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    […] Just like Platial or Google My Maps, you can create your home location, you can simply type in your address or zoom into your state, city and neighborhood to find your house. You get to control the privacy of your marked home location with the ability to make it public or private. Later you can publish this location with an event like a garage sale or classified ad if you want. Navdog also has the weather and traffic reports available right on the map. […]

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