Souki – Ajaxy Restaurant Reviews from DutchWonderland

Dutch startup Souki is taking the Ajax HomePage paradigm to restaurant reviews. All you have is a single page from where you can search, read, and review restaurants located in Netherlands. In effect Souki looks and feels pretty much like the Yourminis or Netvibes widgetboard. You can drag restaurant name into the review window that lets you get done with the reviews faster. One click brings up the location on a Google Map on the same page. Souki is also making great use of slider controls to quietly reload your screen. Actually the secret sauce at Souki is it’s Twin Taste Matching engine that makes a profile of you by analyzing your interaction with the site and in turn delivers personalized list of restaurants when you search next time. Hmm. That is pretty heavy language. I wonder what all metrics they look at to drive these recommendations.

Souki seems worth using in my PoV if they can aggregate US reviews and put that on my Personalized page.

BooRah NLS search goes for first partnership
Urbanspoon — restaurant reviews for Seattle



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