Enterprise 2.0 – Old guard strikes back

Earlier in the month BEA quietly launched a suite of new products that is aimed at delivering Enterprise 2.0 right to the place where it needs to be. The new suite is talked about at En.terpri.se, a very web20ish name picked by the BEA management. BEA’s 3 point package contains – Pages, Ensemble, and Pathways. Pages are supposed to be very much like Google Personalized Page with DataSpace and LiveSpaces getting the work done via a drag-and-drop interface. DataSpaces handle the Syndication (RSS), web services, and data extracts end of things, while LiveSpaces combine data from DataSpaces with documents and other unstructured information to deliver the Personalized page to the end users. As developer/user you get it all  – development collaboration, version tracking, ability to remotely invoke WSDL, in place editing, blogging, wikis. Pages are enabled to get widgets/components talking with each other that would result in more data mashups and interchange, a feature that was made famous by Teqlo

Ensemble delivers functionality something like what Google Apps Start page users get – access control, single sign-on, and more of the corporate connectivity options. Besides that Ensemble will make sure that your widgets and in turn the content can be embedded into the existing web applications – very much like the existing widgets from Google or Yourminis that can traverse the homepage domain and get embedded almost anywhere. Ensemble even has the analytics part covered to track component/content usage. Pathways will enable the content to be extracted via pre–built connectors from Lotus Notes, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, file systems, Web servers, Documentum and more. Pathways would also provide support for tagging, bookmarking, increased search relevancy for documents and people. White papers and demos available at En.terpri.se shed more light on where exactly the product is headed. Besides that En.terpri.se has one of the finest enterprise blogs I have come across till now. Worth subscribing.

So what does En.terpri.se mean on the whole? First and foremost, it presents as a big challenge for Teqlo and Google very early on in the game. Earlier in Feb, Google had entered into partnership with IBM to deliver widgets inside enterprises. So they have something to stand against. For the rest it will be a challenge. Personally I had not expected the enterprise guys to catch up this fast. I mean, just look at Microsoft. What has the software giant really done in terms of solving enterprise problems with new methodologies? Well nothing much? Looks like BEA is ready to break the mold. Again pricing might be a big point in this case since enterprise software vendors are know to go server/cpu or bulk user based licensing, a concept very much loathed in the Enterprise20 world. Will see what BEA has to say.

My only criticism as of now, since I have looked only at the product demoes, is that BEA has gone with the typical way  of launching Enterprise products – give them out of the world product names(- Pages, Ensemble, and Pathways) for a product lock-in.



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