Ugenie partners with

Ugenie today announced that it has partnered with to get provide a broader range of products at the site. Gain out of this deal for Ugenie users is that they get more options while searching for product bundles. Again, this neither the first time nor something new that has done. Besides that Ugenie has also introduced couple of other features – price alerts – so that you get notified via email whenever the price of product goes below your set price point and related items – that does the obvious thing.

All the feature upgrades are great, but I am not sure what really is going on with the much touted coupon discovery feature at Ugenie? If you remember, Ugenie was supposed to crawl or syndicate coupon feeds and automatically apply them to your cart. Well only problem is that I don’t see that happening very often on the site. Even if coupons are being applied there is practically no way to find which are the best deals going on. Krishna/Harish@uGenie any updates on that?

Update: You should read the comment from Kirshna@Ugenie. It seems a new release that takes care of coupons is around the corner.

ugenie – automate your best price+coupon search


One Response to “Ugenie partners with”

  1. Krishna Says:

    Vivek, we were running at lightspeed to get the integration done. We were still waiting on a new version of our coupon engine when we decided to go ahead and get the expanded selection out in front of our customers, and roll out the full coupon functionality after that. Our next release of the coupon engine will allow users to browse coupons ( and find qualified products where those coupons apply.

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