Vonage – forced to struggle for breath

Verizon has finally got what it was vying for from the very start. A federal judge today asked Vonage to stop signing up new customers for its Internet-calling service unless it discontinues infringing on patents held by Verizon. Besides that Vonage has been asked to lodge a $66 million appeal bond, which would be funds held in an account pending the outcome of subsequent appeals. Can’t get worse than that. Anyhow, Vonage is planning an immediate appeal on this ruling.

Court to issue permanent Injunction against Vonage


2 Responses to “Vonage – forced to struggle for breath”

  1. steve-oh Says:

    I hope this comes back to bite Verizon. I for one, being a long time Vonage customer will go without phone service before I EVER give my money to Verizon. They just can’t stand the fact that Vonage offers a quality product for less than they’re willing to let the customer have it for. Get over yourself, Verizon. People know exactly why you’re doing this. Bastards!

  2. Vivek Puri Says:

    Steve i am with you 😦

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