Central Desktop keeps getting better – now with Intranet

Central Desktop customers are finally able to integrate their Workspaces with the launch of Intranet functionality as part of CD’s Spring 2007 Release. The Intranet includes a company directory, company calendar and a dynamic interface that displays personalized data for each user. Users can now collaborate and share with other employees and members of their company outside the confines of the project they might be working on. All the content activity, RSS feeds, company announcements and related information “bubbles up” inside the intranet giving it a look and feel of a dynamic dashboard. To get all these features, be on lookout for “Company Intranet” tab near the Dashboard and All Workspaces tabs later today.

Besides this, CD has also moved over to auto-saving of documents while you are editing. Borrowing couple of ideas from enterprise products Documents at CD can now be easily archived by setting the file status to be pending, approved, final, etc. There are few more enhancements that you can easily figure out once you get back to your workspace.

New feature release aside, did you know that CD now has 30,000+ with lots of them going for a paid plan? Minimum plan starts at $25/month. Yeah go ahead and start doing the calculations. For all those giving their collaboration apps for free, CD is a perfect example to start charging now since collaboration doesn’t have Youtube’s viral growth to bank upon.

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5 Responses to “Central Desktop keeps getting better – now with Intranet”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Finally collaboration with IM+VoIP+Video @ Octopz Says:

    […] Number of new startups launched and the ones that get funded have always been on the uptick, although not a sharp one. Toronto based Octopz is yet another one. Today Octopz, the on-demand online collaboration software that launches next week at Web20 Expo, revealed that is has raised undisclosed amount of funds from GrowthWorks Commercialization Fund. Octopz offers couple of things that everyone else in the space seem to miss out in their development cycle – support instant messaging, voice (VoIP) and video (webcam) conferencing alongside the regular collaboration tools. In effect this means that you no longer need to check on people if they are using Skype or Google Talk. Just get done with the works, with all the required tools from one location. Besides this Octopz would offer on-Screen annotation, support for MS Office files(?), ACL, branding, and more for $99 per month per license. Hmm. $99? Okay clearly targeted at SMB users. Rest of us now get back to Google Apps or Peepel or CentralDesktop or Coventi. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Do you SmartSheet? Says:

    […] While the idea might look interesting to start with, you can always achieve the basic set of functionality with EditGrid for a much lower price point. Or if you want more for almost the same price, you can always use CentralDesktop which has integrated task management( events showup on your calendar too) and also delivers EditGrid from one single location. […]

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