ClickCaster to end free storage; Plans to make money

ClickCaster, the podcasting service that I had written about last year, is planning to change focus and end the free service. ClickCaster users will not longer get unlimited storage and bandwidth service starting August 2007 and would have to signup for their premium service. ClickCaster is looking to focus on users from businesses, institutional use and education communities.

This change is very similar to what Trumba had gone through last year. Trumba had started marketing it’s service to larger organizations and businesses instead of individuals by upping the pricing to $99.95/month for the online calendar app.

ClickCaster’s change of plans also reflects the week podcasting market that has never really seen the kind of growth we had expected. Odeo, another podcasting major, has had it’s fair share of troubles. There can be number of factors that have affected the uptake, but from my personal experience the whole process of recording, editing, and uploading a multi-person podcast is just too tedious for an ordinary user. Putting up a storage space online, letting users manage their podcasts, while labeling your podcast store, ….. are all relatively easy things to do. Providing tools to get 2 people located 3000 miles apart to record the perfect podcast is what someone needs to focus on(yes I know I can use Skype or TalkShoe).



One Response to “ClickCaster to end free storage; Plans to make money”

  1. Rob Safuto Says:

    What gives you the idea that the podcasting market is weak? Over the last two and a half years we’ve seen much more growth in both publishing and ad revenue then blogging did in its first two years of existence. Here at RawVoice we just commenced our biggest advertising deals yet across our Podcaster News, Blubrry and Tech Podcasts communities.

    From the statement in the last paragraph it seems that you’ve narrowly defined a podcast as a two person audio show. That’s not the reality of most podcasts though. I don’t see podcasting as a genre but as a technical distribution technology. So you can use the technology to distribute audio in all content formats or video, images, docs. So while some people have chosen to create talk shows, others are promoting music, providing education and entertainment in both audio and video formats.

    I hope to see you at this year’s New Media Expo. If you come out you will see evidence of the growth, enthusiasm and revenue potential surrounding podcasting. Two years ago they had a smaller room in the Ontario convention center for two days. This year the Expo will occupy the largest hall for three full days.

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