JobThread now onto job distribution

JobThread today launched Easypost, their new job network that lets recruiters place job ads on number of highly targeted niche sites from a single location. JobThread initially had started of as a hosted Job board that is being used by some of the bigger sites like Slashdot. With the new feature release, JobThread would act as a job distribution network that would drive more revenues to publisher while making life easier for recruiters.

JobThread has basically categorized it’s publisher sites into broad audience targets – Sales, Technology, Design, and few more. So any recruiter who wants to reach out to 10 different sites in a particular target area can now do so directly from JobThread instead of going out to each of the 10 sites and making individual posts. Obvious benefits – save time, bundled pricing, broader audience. As a recruiter you can choose from three audience reach and pricing options – Test Reach (free), Good Reach, Best Reach (Featured Posting on all sites).

I haven’t tried JobThread till now, but does sound like a smart offering to try out. By the way, doesn’t Jobthread feel like a niche incarnation of Adsense?



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