Shozam: build+upload your media gallery in a jiffy

Shozam’s media gallery creator is an interesting desktop product. Instead of going the social way of using Flickr, Youtube, MySpace and likes to manage your media content, Shozam can create all in one media gallery that you can upload your own server. If fact you can also integrated Paypal to sell your work and add Adsense code to make money from your clicks. And all this you can do lot quicker since Shozam works on on your desktop, compressing and uploading content 40 times faster than the regular web upload. The 40 times factor might look small when you are uploading 5-10 images, but imagine moving 3GB worth of digital content with 500 images and 50 short family videos online via the upload way.

Shozam takes the wizard like approach to get your content together. You can add your photos, videos, video widgets, text, audio, and maps. Some other really useful features – Image protection, SEO optimization, GeoTagging, Themes. Shozam even has the uploading part covered where you can use the inbuilt FTP tool to upload the media gallery to your server. On the whole it has pretty much everything you would ask for. However the options available to you vary by the edition you are using which range from Lite(Free) to Business($299.95). Right now Shozam is running a promotion that gets you the Business edition for $199.95.

Shozam gallery creator,which is currently in beta, would work out very well with advanced or professional users who want to go beyond just photos. I would still like to get an integrated diskspace and URL mapping option instead of going for my own deal hunt. Getting users to download and buy the software would still be a challenge. Eyeka which launched earlier this month is another service which combines photos and videos sales but in the stock photography area.



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