Breaking: Salesforce acquires Koral

Koral today announced that it has been acquired by I had been expecting Mark Shuster@Koral to announce the first round of funding for it’s web-based content management system, but that never seemed to have happened. Instead the big rollup. Great pick for Salesforce since guys at Koral had been doing some amazing work all around.

Koral’s entire team will now be working on building the Apex Content platform. As part of this integration, Salesforce users get access to Koral content management system known as Salesforce ContentExchange.

Below are links for my past coverage on Koral:
Koral launches desktop beta and upgrades
Koral – Enterprise2.0 Content Management


One Response to “Breaking: Salesforce acquires Koral”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » SecondBrain: CMS for the ordinary Says:

    […] In some ways S|B feels like Koral or maybe Egnyte or maybe eSnips or maybe BlogBackupOnline. Nevertheless a good mix of features. […]

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