Google Docs&Spreadsheets on mobile soon?

Google Docs&Spreadsheets team is slowly inching towards providing access to your documents on mobile phones. Yesterday Google D&S team quietly enabled viewing of documents created via Google Docs on mobile WAP browser. Documents show up formatted for the small screen. Yeah no support for Spreadsheets for now. Actually no support for docs and spreadsheets list either. All you can do is publish the doc and email the URL to yourself or your friends/team members to view it in the mobile browser. Still, ability to view is better than having nothing.

Google Docs&Spreadsheets aside, I think there is a serious need for WAP version of Google Calendar. I am okay with the app showing only my daily and weekly agenda. This option would be much better than working with half-baked mobile calendar apps. In my PoV, such functionality although is not difficult to implement, might not interest external developers since Google is finally going to get to that anyway just like as they did with the launch of MyMaps.


3 Responses to “Google Docs&Spreadsheets on mobile soon?”

  1. Alex Says:

    Would it be possible to use your calendar’s feed with a mobile feed reader?

  2. Vivek Puri Says:


    Good idea. But few issues. First- Events show up in plain list format. Second – once you mark you events read, they gone from your screen. Third – If ever someone comes to know your private feed URL, they can anytime view your events.

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Google Calendar goes mobile Says:

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