Wetpaint gets personal messaging

Wetpaint will today be launching a new messaging feature that will make it easier for users to collaborate in private. The new feature addition comes in response to growing user demand for a private messaging framework. Each of the registered members of a wiki will be able to interact with other users by simply clicking on the member’s username and then select “send message”. Wiki Administrators can also now feel relived since they will be able to send “broadcast-style” messages to every user on their site.

Last time I had written about Wetpaint in early February, it had more than 200K wikis. From my recent communication with guys at Wetpaint, they now have more than 300k wikis, which in other words comes 1700 wikis created per day. Whooa! A big number I would say. The number of people registering at Wetpaint can be much more higher than this number. Going for a quick check of stats at Alexa/Compare/Quantcast might not help in this case since Wetpaint allows URL mapping, and hence some of the major wiki’s running on Wetpaint might point to custom URLs.

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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Wetpaint hits 400K wiki mark; Now supports OpenID Says:

    […] Wetpaint’s growth number are keeping up in the high positive range. The Seattle based startup announced today that it now has more than 400,000 Wetpaint Wiki communities. The number was at 300K in April and 200K in February. Besides this announcement,  Wetpaint is now supporting OpenID framework for managing user identity online. Some of the other companies to do their include AOL, LiveJournal, Symantec, and Yahoo. Someday I would like see the numbers for people actually using OpenID for logging in. Still good for those Wetpaint users who were requesting this feature. As for the actual process, OpenID users at Wetpaint need only click “Sign Up” on any Wetpaint Wiki and type in their OpenID URL to begin tapping the power of collaborative thinking with Wetpaint. […]

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