4thMedia – personalized media to mobile

Stealth startup 4thMedia has been building a personalized streaming service for mobiles that is expected to launch sometime this year. 4thMedia will enable you to search, discover and publish any audio/video content to your mobile phone. Want to try the service? Try the beta form.

The Denver based startup is led by Andrew MacFarlane, who was the co-founder of Software.com. Software.com had merged with Phone.com in 2000 to create Openwave. 4thMedia has raised at least $2million in funding from Series A round. Investors at the startup include Matrix Partners, Spark Capital, and few private investors. I think they might have raised more than that. Will be back with precise numbers sometime later.


3 Responses to “4thMedia – personalized media to mobile”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » 4thMedia mobile media streaming - Inside look Says:

    […] Earlier I got time to get updates and play with 4thMedia’s media-to-mobile streaming service about which I had written yesterday. The startup is currently operating in pre-beta mode with around 1000 beta testers.  […]

  2. Lauren Says:

    When i click the link to try beta mode, i get an ‘http 404 error – page not found’. Please help!

  3. Vivek Puri Says:

    Okay, i should have updated this earlier, but 4thMedia is now http://www.buzzwire.com/

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