Exclusive: G.ho.st – WebOS for real

I think we have had enough news about WebOS done right, but all along I was never tempted to use any of the existing offerings. But G.ho.st has changed my viewpoint on that. Launching next week G.ho.st, which stands for Global Hosted Operating SysTem, is going to change how you use your apps, or actually how you access your apps. It is a shift from the existing way of life where you open your browser windows on every machine you logon during the day at work, and hope to remember the sites you were on to get back to them. Well for that never works right. Even with the Google Browser Sync. Ghost shakes this small concept in a big way. With Ghost, everything stays in place. You access your data and apps from work your work machine and return home to access the same apps – all via Ghost’s virtual computing environment. With Windows OS like simulation, Ghost takes on the Microsoft on one side, and personalized homepage services like Yourminis, Google Personalized page on the other end with is widget capabilities. Best features of all – you never need to reboot, and backup your PC. Everything is available out there on the browser on a single unified file system.

From the technical side of things, Ghost is built on Lazlo, hence supports Firefox and IE. That takes care of majority of browser compatibility to start with. Next in line will be Safari sometime later this year. Currently working on Flash, Ghost will move over to Ajax code-base and also launch mobile support by the year end. If you had doubts about Ghost’s scalability, the startup is falling back on the obvious choice – Amazon’s S3 and EC2. Come Q3 of this year, Ghost will open up it’s API and Ghost widget toolkit to get the developers involved on the scene. As for pricing, Ghost comes with 3GB of space for free with premium services showing up on the virtual landscape later. For getting existing files onto Ghost VC, users will get move them via FTP and couple of other methods. Personally I would prefer drag-n-drop, something similar to what Qwaq has developed.

Even the short history of Ghost is something you don’t come across very often. Ghost team is product of Palestinian-Israeli collaboration, co-founded by Zvi Schreiber who is originally from Israel and Tareq Maayah from Palestine. Both of them come from very solid background in software industry. Zvi Schreiber Founder & CEO of Unicorn Solutions which successfully delivered metadata repository and enterprise information management solutions to the IT departments. Unicorn to IBM in May 2006. Before that Zvi was Founder and CEO and then CTO of Tradeum Inc, Java and XML-based platform b2b platform, which was acquired for $500 million. As for Tareq Maayah, he was CEO of Siemens Information and Communication Technologies, and Managing Director of EXALT Technologies.

All the fascinating talk aside, Ghost’s journey into the consumer apps world is just starting. Users being able to store and access their documents in a persistent fashion would require much deeper integration with web apps. What I want is always On connection to my apps located at Ghost that serves the purpose of using the VC. Otherwise it can end being just another browser that I use to access my apps. Product team at Ghost very well recognizes this challenge and hence all the talk about API and external developer program. I can imagine Web20 crowd jumping on to Ghostify their apps.



15 Responses to “Exclusive: G.ho.st – WebOS for real”

  1. Zvi Schreiber Says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing G.ho.st, the Global Hosted Operating SysTem. We promise to work hard to live up to your expectations and launch a lot of new deep integrations with all the leading Web 2.0 applications between now and our beta launch in the summer. By this summer we hope that G.ho.st, together with all the third-party Web 2.0 apps, will provide a Virtual Computer on the Web which is a real alternative to Windows and Mac especially for anyone who wants to be mobile or to do personal computing at work or in a library or Internet Cafe.

    Thanks again

    Zvi Schreiber
    CEO, G.ho.st

  2. Bubi Says:

    Good luck Zvi, may you go from strangth to strangth!! Yours Bubi.

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » G.ho.st has a competitor - Jooce Says:

    […] With almost 2 years in making, Jooce is another startup shaping up for the WebOS believers. It has very similar beliefs as G.ho.st, the virtual OS startup that I had written about before. Basically you get to access your content from anywhere while all you would need is an internet connection. While the idea is great, being able to maintain persistence in data and application states and integration with external services would be just some of the challenges for Jooce. […]

  4. Carlston Says:

    I think the concept of G.ho.st is quite promising. I’m not much into the technical aspect of WebOS – but they do look exciting.

    I saw an interview with the creator of G.ho.st – Zvi Schreiber. It has loads of stuff about the man himself behind the G.ho.st!!! Check it out at http://www.loscreador.com/2007/05/29/interview-with-the-ghost-zvi-schreiber

  5. eugene Says:

    We did a video interview with Zvi Schreiber that you might find interesting. Thanks.

  6. Tudza Says:

    I can’t even get an RSS feed to work at the moment. So far it looks like eye candy that is trying to solve a problem that has already been solved in several other ways. VNC, Remote Desktop, Google Apps…

    Some Google Apps can actually be used off-line with the aid of some fancy off-line Javascript engine Google came up with. Plans for this for Ghost so I can still work when I’m where there is no wireless, or in Starbucks where there is only one flavor of wireless and no one-time buy in option?

  7. chanel Says:


  8. James Says:

    Great idea, and seems like the owners/developers are great too!

    I wrote a short review on http://www.yibberyabber.co.uk and Zvi even took the time out to say thanks!


  9. Healer Says:

    Was it worth the wait for G.ho.st

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  11. Paul Says:

    Ghost is still the platform of choice for IE

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  13. Boot Socks Says:

    good luck man.

  14. Chris Says:

    Ghost is great though. Great web OS for sure.

  15. Article submission service Says:

    This Global Hosted Operating System is very interesting concept but what about monopoly issue?

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