Photobucket videos get booted from MySpace

The (u)expected has happened. MySpace has started blocking out videos and remixes put on it’s pages coming from Photobucket. Again these are only the videos not the images from Photobucket. I tried posting few videos from Photobucket to my MySpace profile and noticed few videos are still coming up – like this. While few are not – like this. I think the last video link I posted might have copyright issues, which got picked by Audible Magic video filtering hence got booted from MySpace. If that is the case, we can’t really blame MySpace for taking the extreme step.

Interesting part is that only 82 people have commented on this story on Photobucket blog where the story was first broken late yesterday night. Given the fact that Photobucket has 40 million registered users, I had expected thousands of comments on such a story. Seems like Photobucket users not really bothered that much. Anyway, this news from MySpace would definitely bring down Photobucket buyout price by a bit.

Earlier, videos from Revver, Imeem, and Stickam had been banned from MySpace.


One Response to “Photobucket videos get booted from MySpace”

  1. Andrew Chen Says:

    I thought you might find this blog interesting since you’ve been writing about the photobucket saga:

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