Akamai gets p2p tech-dev Red Swoosh

Content Distribution network Akamai today announced that it has acquired Red Swoosh for approximately $15 million. Red Swoosh enables users to download big files via it’s p2p based technology. Red Swoosh which is supposedly considered to be easier to use than more famous BitTorrent enables distribution of files located on servers instead of personal PCs. At Akamai, Red Swoosh’s technology will be used to augment it’s distributed Internet presence by combining client-side file management and distribution software with Akamai’s scalable backend control system and global network of edge servers.


3 Responses to “Akamai gets p2p tech-dev Red Swoosh”

  1. Sebastien Says:

    This news tends to prove that even giants like Akamai with strong CDN networks cannot compete against p2p delivery networks. So if you cannot beat them, join (buy%u2026) them !

    To another extent, this news is very good and confirm the efforts from my company to evangelize P2P since the very beginning and provide P2P Content Delivery solutions to the top TV channels in France: peer-to-peer is now seriously considered as the main architecture when companies develop their online video distribution portal, while client-servers architecture are deprecated.

    And of course it is not limited to video contents: you can use p2p content delivery networks for music, pictures, work documents, zip archives, programs %u2026


  2. Vidya Nath Says:

    While Akamai with its widely spread out network may not need P2P rightaway, it will need to integrate the technology for certain applications deployment in the future. At the same time, many in the industry might evangelize the benefits of P2P, it is not that easy to integrate it with a commercial deployment.

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » China’s web boom gets ChinaCache big funds Says:

    […] ChinaCache was founded in 1998 currently has 115 service nodes with a 100Gpbs network capacity. Earlier in this year ChinaCache had partnered with London based RawFlow to use RawFlow’s p2p technology for streaming of content to handle peak loads around the Chinese New Year. Is this the reason for Akamai’s recent acquisition of Red Swoosh? Tags: […]

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