Blogger now blogs in Hindi as I do

Blogger today launched the ability for users to blog in Hindi. Apart from displaying the character in Hindi/Devanagari script the feature launch comes with a difference. Most of us Indians are used to writing Hindi using English alphabets while on IM and Email. Blogger has got this part very well understood and covered. Users still write in English while the words automatically get converted to Hindi. Cool! Even if it gets the words wrong few of the times, you make the change and Blogger remembers it for the next time what you really intend to say. Even better! I spent some time trying out the new feature and seems to work almost perfectly. If not it will next time! I think this is the perfect use-case to go for getting your blog converted to Hindi via Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Yahoo and Rediff(I think Rediff works the other way round – Hindi->English) had done something similar but for their IM clients.


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