Finally collaboration with IM+VoIP+Video @ Octopz

Number of new startups launched and the ones that get funded have always been on the uptick, although not a sharp one. Toronto based Octopz is yet another one. Today Octopz, the on-demand online collaboration software that launches next week at Web20 Expo, revealed that is has raised undisclosed amount of funds from GrowthWorks Commercialization Fund. Octopz offers couple of things that everyone else in the space seem to miss out in their development cycle – support instant messaging, voice (VoIP) and video (webcam) conferencing alongside the regular collaboration tools. In effect this means that you no longer need to check on people if they are using Skype or Google Talk. Just get done with the works, with all the required tools from one location. Besides this Octopz would offer on-Screen annotation, support for MS Office files(?), ACL, branding, and more for $99 per month per license. Hmm. $99? Okay clearly targeted at SMB users. Rest of us now get back to Google Apps or Peepel or CentralDesktop or Coventi.



3 Responses to “Finally collaboration with IM+VoIP+Video @ Octopz”

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    […] Vía | StartupSquad Enlace | Octopz […]

  2. Tecnologia » Blog Archiv » Octopz, salas de usuarios para la colaboración online sobre sus documentos Says:

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  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Octopz - clearing the pricing confusion Says:

    […] Got few clarifications from the Octopoz team regarding product pricing concerns I had in my last post about the On-demand collaboration enabler. For $99/month Octopz allows the account holder to create multiple rooms and add multiple users. So there can be a business or creative professional setting up separate rooms for different projects and different clients and he or she be working online in any one room with upto four other participants at the same time. Users who are invited to collaborate in Octopz are not required to have a license to use the app. If the Octopz account holder wants to be able to work in multiple separate rooms at the same time, it is then they would have to purchase additional licenses. […]

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