Google onto PayPal’s UK turf

According to early reports emerging, Google is going to launch it’s checkout service in UK on 13th April. With this launch merchants with address and bank account numbers based in UK will be able to integrate the Google Checkout service on their sites and shopping carts.

Just like in US, till date PayPal has been processing larger number of transactions in UK. Well, the share is going to get smaller for sure.

Currently there is no trace of UK Checkout option on any of the Google sites. Will watch for when the switch gets flipped.

Google Checkout and PayPal fee war escalates


One Response to “Google onto PayPal’s UK turf”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Google Checkout baits come standard in UK Says:

    […] As I had written last night, Google has now officially gone live with it’s Checkout service in UK. The UK launch comes with pretty much same freebies as in US, where merchants can process their Google Checkout sales for free until 2008. After that date, Adwords + Checkout part kicks in where merchants spending £1 on AdWords each month, can process £10 in sales/month for free. Similar deal has been going on in US since last year. […]

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