UrbanSeeder – seed to date and change you life

Israel based startup UrbanSeeder brings in a very interesting new concept to the old dating game. Like any other dating site UrbanSeeder wants you to meet new people, but without the intelligent personality matching. At UrbanSeeder everything revolves around planting seeds, someone picking on those seeds, and than two of you moving off to your own personal space to share personal information. So what really is a seed? To get to that part first you need to personalize your looks with an innovative avatar creator. Once you are set with that, you are ready make yourself visible to other people through the seed  key/code, something like UrbanSeeder.com/325069605. Important part is the code at the end of the URL. You pass along this seed key/code via email, or print it to leave on someones table, or just give away the seed code. If and when someone picks on you seed and pings you on UrbanSeeder, you can instantly start sharing photos, music, text, events,……in your own personal space with just 2 of you having the visibility into what goes on in there. Smart part is about this kind of setting is that key/code can be used only once. So, once you are interacting with a person no one else can join in, and if you don’t feel like interacting with the current contact just delete the seed and everything is history. Now don’t get tempted to drop seeds everywhere and anywhere ’cause you can have only 12 at any given point of time.



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