Antitrust to finally come knocking at Mountain View?

After last week’s news about Google agreeing to acquire DoubleClick I had thought about how easy it would be for major advertising and media agencies to get together for antitrust proceeding against Google. Well that time has come sooner than I expected. According to WSJ, Microsoft, AT&T, Time Warner, and several other Internet and media companies will be pushing antitrust regulators to closely scrutinize Google’s planned acquitting of DoubleClick. Viacom, Yahoo are also thinking about supporting this move. Microsoft’s general counsel claims that with this deal Google will be in position to handle more than 80% of the online advertising market.

The precise market share of advertising is going to get clear sometime this month when two of the biggest online advertising players – Yahoo and Google – announce their financial results for the last quarter. Going through news reports for past couple of months, Yahoo’s market ad market share is expected to increase. That is why their indecision to join the banditos. This leaves out Microsoft and TimeWarner. Personally I expect Microsoft’s AdCenter to limp just like it’s Live Search. But as always Microsoft thinks they will beat Google in the Advertising game too. If Microsoft was/is really serious about delivering on that, it should have very well paid the big bucks and easily beaten Google in the bidding game. As we know the deal never happened. In some ways the outcome is very similar to Yahoo’s plan to acquire Facebook. Another planned big deal that never happened and most likely will never happen. All half hearted attempts that show lack of decision making capabilities at the top of both the companies – Microsoft and Yahoo. As for TimeWarner, their subsidiary AOL is using white labeled version of Google Adwords for it’s advertising marketplace. Ah! Does the total lack of competitiveness of either of these companies has to blamed on Google? But in an antitrust related move, these questions don’t matter that much. If Microsoft and related parties can prove that Google and DoubleClick’s planned deal can hurt the advertising industry, FTC and Justice Department will make sure the deal never happens. Will see what actually happens. More on this as the story evolves.


One Response to “Antitrust to finally come knocking at Mountain View?”

  1. ABE Says:

    Don’t even tell me that it would actually work. Nobody else should agree with this crap if you are able to use common sense.:

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